About Us

snapcakes™ was launched in 2018 by sisters Tammy & Bunny, two Montreal moms with somewhat different skill sets.

Bunny is a cake designer extra-ordinaire, well-known in the Montreal community for her spectacular cake designs. 

Tammy is the sister who found a successful career in marketing but did not find herself as successful in the kitchen.  She admits to ‘burning coffee’.

One day, Bunny and Tammy were on a long drive together in the car. Tammy was driving while Bunny was sketching her next cake design. Tammy expressed to her sister that she found it unfair that she was unable to make beautiful cakes the way that Bunny could.

Bunny explained to Tammy that the reason that she could make these beautiful cakes was because she’d made a significant financial and time investment in getting trained and equipping herself with all of the right tools.

Tammy felt that every person, regardless of talent and training should be able to create beautiful designer cakes in the comfort of their kitchen and without having to pay hundreds of dollars to an upscale bakery.

They began researching ways to make decorating a designer cake at home easy and affordable for everyone. And they succeeded…and thus snapcakes™ was born!